Assuming you are using password store, you may be interested in integrating and syncing it with your Android smartphone. I'll show you how.

  1. Make your password store privately available via SSH, such as with Github.

  2. Install OpenKeychain app on your phone.

  3. Export your private GPG key used with your password store to your phone, by following this guide, or plug in your phone and copy it in the quick-and-dirty way:

    gpg2 --armour --export-secret-keys 0xYOURKEY > private.asc
  4. Import the private key in OpenKeychain you exported in the last step. Make sure to delete the key used in transit.

  5. Install Password Store app on your phone.

  6. Create an SSH key for your phone:

    ssh-keygen -t ed25519 -C "password-store@android"

    Feel free to use a different comment, such as by replaying android with the name of your phone. This key will not be used for anything else.

  7. Add the SSH key as a deploy key to your private Github repository.

  8. Copy the SSH key to your phone.

  9. Clone the password store repository with the Password Store app on your phone, importing the SSH key you copied in the last step.

  10. Check the settings, especially if you want to use Password Store as an Autofill source.