Password Store on Android

Assuming you are using password store, you may be interested in integrating and syncing it with your Android smartphone. I'll show you how. … continue reading

Unprotect a PDF (on Linux)

Sometimes businesses or contacts will send you a PDF containing your personal data. In order to protect your privacy, the PDF is password protected, often with some trivial password such as your birthday. Still, there are so many ways that can be arranged that you are bound to not know when you come across the file in 3 years time. Enter: PDF unprotection. … continue reading

Budget for More Peace

Here's a problem that many couples might be familiar with (you might identify with one of these statements more than another): How do you justify your little splurge to your significant other? And how do you confront your significant other over their little splurge? … continue reading

Reverse Proxy to Syncthing with Traefik

Let's be honest: it's always nicer to have nice URLs for our services than to use addresses like localhost:8384. This guide will get you to being able to reach your Syncthing with sync.localhost or whatever address tickles your fancy with the help of Traefik. … continue reading